Vehicle Tracking Server Solution

The company provides state of the art software solutions for the location based services industry. Our software's enable the best services palette only suitable for winners. Our products are designed to last and are complacent with many vehicle tracking hardware equipment. All of our development is powered by Microsoft's industry leading development platform. Our products are modular; this brings about tremendous flexibility when it comes to scaling vehicle tracking or fleet management operations. Our products are future safe, already geared for SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Product as a Service) emerging markets.
We have off the shelf and customized ecosystems for the Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Networks. Our products range from Network Applications to Operations Management and Reporting Systems.


Software Product List


Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Console

This is the front end of the whole ecosystem, it is the helm of affairs for the vehicle tracking and fleet management ecosystem. One of the touch points for human-machine-interface and also for the remote vehicle tracking unit deployed in field. This is a very user friendly graphical user interface and is detailed in a manner to reduce the human capital over-head. It has been made with one simple aim, to keep things simple as possible. The user-friendly interface it offers reduces the time an operator needs in training. All interactions are controlled through buttons, radio boxesand check boxes reducing the need for typing in long tedious command line text instructions. This results in overall better performance at the control center and also allows the operator to handle multiple customers at the same time.

Our front end gives the customer service operative’s enhanced confidence in their services and operations. We provide one window for all tracking platforms, our front end already has multiple protocol support. This enables any service providers with the lowest total cost of ownership and lowest entry barrier to-date. – That’s a promise!!
Reporting (Some Popular Reports)
Below are the most popular reports, however, we also create reports according to specific use case or requirements. We can also combine multiple reports and excel in creating dashboard type reports which combine more than one area of business eg. Sales, Marketing, Finance, Store/Inventory with Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Operations.


Usage Report showing mileage driven, average monthly mileage, and weekend and nighttime driving by employee.
Driver Performance Report with summarized data for each driver including individual "safety scores."
Exception Reporting including reports for excessive speed, hard braking, and quick accelerations.
Accident Log Report showing the last critical pieces of speed data.
Engine performance logging and diagnostic trouble codes reporting is available with On-Board Vehicle Bus Fleet.
SMS and GPRS/EGPRS/EDGE Combo Gateway (HSPA)

Ever think you could own your own SMS/GPRS/EGPRS/EDGE Server just like the big guys –Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone. Our Gateway is capable of handling 100,000 SMS per minute? Now you can!
This is the North Bound Edge Router in a vehicle tracking network ecosystem. All communication links with the devices deployed on vehicles, trucks, fleets, buses are facilitated through the SMS and GPRS/EGPRS/EDGE Combo Gateway. All traffic of data coming into the control center or monitoring room and all data going out of the control center or monitoring to the remote devices deployed in vehicles traverse through and are managed through this Gateway. It has the capacity to handle multitudes of MBs of data simultaneously. Our customers do not need to worry about modems getting stalled due to long queues in the SMS text buffer. It has been a dire need of the industry ever since volumes and demands rose alongside.
 Our gateway supports IP Multi path, ie. all commands going to the vehicle and all responses coming in from the vehicle can follow an all IP Path. The Gateway manages the all IP paths to and from the remote unit deployed in vehicles. With our solution service providers can easily move to an all IP Core. As 3G Services become available in the near future, a sure way would be to eliminate tracking via SMS and only focus on GPRS/EGPRS/EDGE and HSPA to support an all IP Core.
Data Aggregator

This important component of the vehicle tracking network ecosystem is responsible to collect data traversing through the Gateway. This aggregator functions in both directions, ie for data coming into the ecosystem and data going out of the ecosystem. This is the time keeper or record keeper for all data packets traversing in and out of the vehicle tracking ecosystem.To handle very large volume multiple aggregators can becascaded to add capacity. It is as simple as adding blocks to a structure with no change experienced by other network entities and operators.
Database Structures for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

A database is a structured collection of data. The data is typically organized to model relevant aspects of vehicle tracking and fleet management information. We do it in a way that it supports processes requiring this information for work flow and for intelligence and management reports. The term database is correctly applied to the data and their supporting data structures. Our database structures manage data to the highest level of quality and can be measured in terms of accuracy,availability, usability, and resilience. We have fine tuned our models of database structures for specialist use with Telemetry Equipment and Associated applications varying from Vehicle Management, Vehicle Security, Driver and Work Force Management, Remote Asset Management,Container Movements, Cargo Transport Services and other allied and supplemental services and businesses. It is a complex software system that meets many usage requirements to properly maintain its databases which are often large and complex.
Our models depict special case with client-server, Real-Time transactional systems, in which multiple users have access to data, data is concurrently entered and inquired for in ways that preclude single-thread batch processing. Most of the complexity of those requirements are still present with personal, desktop-based database systems.
On-Line (Internet Based) Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management
We geared towards the internet and have already built solutions for the near future. As data usage in our country increases and the penetration of smart phones is on the rise. We have built and online touch point for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Service customers. No more do customers of these services have to call a control room or service center to be attended. Customers can now easily login to a website and the get desired information they require.
Our solution is tailored for viewing and performance on all popular internet enabled desktop, portable and mobile devices. We tested and trialed successfully on major brand of Tablets and Smart-phones. Best results have been obtained with Samsung's Galaxy Series Tablets and Apple's IPAD 2 and above. All high end HTC, Samsung and Motorola smart-phones are supported. Conventional desktop PCs and Laptops/Notebooks are also supported unanimously without any brand or make limitations as long as they are capable of running any of the popular web browser.
Customized Application Development

Our team excels in developing enterprise wide automated reporting solutions enabling automation at all ends and eliminating any and all paperwork and primitive filing procedures. Our engineers master the art of book-keeping and record keeping via a database utility which is geographically independent ie. We offer countrywide centralization through our management information systems. Any and all information can be made available anywhere in the country; all that is needed by a customer is a Simple connection to the WWW.