The Most Reliable, Simple, Affordable Vehicle Camera System 

The DVR (Automotive) is a cost-effective, functional and scalable device designed for video surveillance of your mobile assets. It uses a high-speed processor, an embedded Linux platform and combines the most advanced IT processes(H.264Video Compression/Decompression, 3G and GPS positioning technology) and the best Product structure design(Double shockproof ). DVR enables CIF, HD1 and D1 video formats to record. The DVR can be record drivers' many driving information, such as driving route/speed/video/audio and others, recording data are uploaded to HDD or SD Memory Cards. A DVR centric software platform (CMS) can be realized with links to a Central Alarm monitoring system for remote management and playback analysis, It's make company or personal very easy to manage the vehicles. The DVR may look simple in its exterior design, provides powerful auto black box features, installation flexibility and high reliability

Wireless File Transfer

Operating with the industry's fastest file transfer speed of 300mbps, the optional Wireless File Transfer Kit allows for automatic transfer of video files.

GPS Route History

Review route efficiency and safety with available synchronized GPS mapping and tracking embedded within the video recorded by the LLS-MDVR  Bus Video System with an optional GPS Antenna. 

Latest Night Vision Technology

Providing a brighter picture, wider view, and longer range in low-light situations, LLS MDVR cameras use the latest night vision technology to surpass expectations for quality video even in the dark.

Affordable Lease Options

Overcome limited budgets with affordable system leasing from LLS. Leasing allows you to outfit every vehicle for one low monthly payment and transfers ownership of the recording systems to the customer at the completion of the lease.

HD Quality Video

With the Ability to record up to 4 cameras simultaneously at 120 frames per Second at D1 720x480 resolution, a LLS MDVR Bus System will provide the absolute best video quality.

Built-in G-Force Sensor

Event alarm video is triggered during excessive acceleration, braking, and cornering with the multi-axis G-Force Sensor built into the LLS MDVR Bus Video System at no additional cost.

Noise Cancelling Audio

With an electronically filtered microphone built in to each LLS MDVR Camera and system configurations up to four cameras, you will have complete audio coverage on your bus. Each available channel of audio is individually selectable during video review. External microphones are also available.




Channel 4 channel video and audio recording
Best Video 720p
Alarm input 4 alarm input
Compression H.264
Data Storage MAX support 2TB SATA HDD and 64GB SD Card
Addional functions Motion detection / timer switch / alarm recording
3G wireless module WCDMA/EVDO
GPS Function Yes
Operation Temp -30~+80
Power DC8—32V
Language Chinese/English/Russian
Certificate CE  FCC  ROHS SGS



Key Features

Patented's shock absorber design, Make Hard Disk never to be bad from shaken
1.4 channel video and audio recording
2.Video format:1D1(25fps) + 3CIF(25fps)
3.Alarm input: 4 alarm input, No alarm below 4V, high level alarm above 4V
4.Compression: H.264
5.Data Storage:MAX support 2TB SATA HDD and 64GB SD Card.
6.Motion detection / timer switch / alarm recording
7.Dual shockproof (Patented design)
8.Suport USB port
9.Operation Temp.:-30°C~+80°C
10.Power: DC6—32V
11.Language: Chinese/English/Russian
12.Certificate: CE FCC ROHS